Mother-Daughter Workshops

Visionary Mother-Daughter Retreats
Many of my clients have spoken with me about their fears for their pre-teen daughters. This concern can be alleviated through a strong mother-daughter connection. Why wait for teenage problems to surface. Connect with your daughter now before it is too late. Teenage pregnancy, drug use, body image and peer pressure are real issues. By forming an invincible partnership with your daughter you can be her soft landing place when she realises just how much she needs your good example and support. My retreats are intimate, fun and full of great tips to nurture and strengthen your relationship. Want to know more, please feel free to contact me.

Top 7 Tips for a Wonderful Relationship with Your Pre-Teen Daughter
I believe 8 is the new 12. Society has changed so much. We are bombarded with information which can be a challenge to assimilate. Imagine being a pre-teen. Peer pressure, body image, boys not to mention wanting to be sophisticated and not even knowing how to spell the word. How do we help our daughters to have wonderful lives?

Establishing an amazing relationship with our daughters starts with the relationship we have with ourselves? Do we nurture ourselves so we have enough to give to them, enough to teach them how to be strong women in a world that does not always support us? This is foundational to their success in life and our happiness as mothers, grandmothers and guardians of our precious girls. It has been said that Western Women will change the world for the better. We can only do this through healthy relationships and those relationships start at home.

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