finespiritandpluckcoversmallMy story, ‘With All My Fondest Love’, appears in the Yarra Plenty Press Anzac anthology, Fine Spirit and Pluck (2016).

‘With All My Fondest’ love is a story I wrote to honour my grandfather. It details how he and my grandmother met, and survived the horrors of World War I.

You can get your copy from the Yarra Plenty Regional Library.

Below, you’ll find some pictures of my grandfather, along with some articles about me. Click to enlarge any of the images.

Bessie and Sam fancy dress. Bessie made the costumes.

Grandpa’s letter re his military medal.

Remembrance Day 2016.

Sam in his police uniform.

Sam in the Gazette.

Sam’s police identification photo.

Sweet Thoughts.

Sam and his three girls (top left). Sam and Lois (top right). Sam and the family (bottom).

Thoughts of You – card from Grandpa to Gran.

The Weekly Times.

Leader Newspaper 2015.

Leader Newspaper – ‘Pay it forward’ piece.